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Greeting oh lovely and wonderful podficcer!

You are awesome! Thank you for your time and talent. \o/

Hockey RPF: Mainly I love Sid/Geno, with periodic squee for Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin.

Hobbit: I particularly like Bilbo/Thorin and Kili/Tauriel.

Avengers (movie verse, not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): This year I've been really enjoying Steve/Bucky, Bucky/Darcy, Steve/Darcy, Steve/Bucky/Darcy, Clint/Coulson, Clint/Natasha, Tony/Pepper, Tony/Pepper/Bruce, Science Bros. gen, and Darcy/Sif. (Really, Sif/sexy ladies is awesome) And just Gen. (FYI, for some reason I can't see Jane and Thor with anyone but each other.)

New Who: I like any pairing combination that involves The Doctor(9,10,or 11), Rose, and Jack. All 3, any 2, or New Who gen. Also, Amy/Rory and Vashtra/Jenny.

Check Please: Fun gen (Haus Ghosts!), Bitty/Jack, and Shitty/Lardo for preference.

The Bond Franchise:...I tripped and fell into the 00Q. I have not managed to escape. Moneypenny-being-Awesome gen is also fab.

Green light:

There are some fandom things that I am particularly fond of. Let me tell you of them!

In general,

* I love BAMFness in our hero(ine) characters (especially when surprising)
* Protective (not possessive) characters
* Them secretly being say a were-something/psychic/magical, etc.
* I also love AUs, crossovers, first times,...and happy endings.
* Tropes! De-aging, pretend dating, curtain fic, etc.

Yellow light:

Okay. Mpreg generally is not my thing, unless apparently we're in the Hobbit fandom and it's Bilbo. A/B/O is sometimes ok, as long as the surrounding society isn't really restrictive. The same goes for Sentinel fic (I love it, but the society needs to be non-restrictive.).

Red Light:
No non-con, major character death, slavery (or power imbalances that have that vibe), animals getting hurt, mental hospitals, prisons, or torture. Betrayal and misunderstandings as a plot device. Also, zombies, dystopias, and underage sex really aren't my thing.

So, I hope that this letter is clear and helpful, but if you need more insight, you can check with sly_hostetter as she knows me (and my taste in fic) quite well.
Thanks again!
P.S. In case you need them, my(sadly out of date) rec lists and my AO3 bookmarks.


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