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So, here are a couple of fun pics that are vaguely related. You see, in the Magic Kingdom, they have a ride/game called Astro Blasters, that features Buzz Lightyear. This is our best score. Also, I think we look pretty Badass. ;) (Please note that my hubby actually ranked.)

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While we were wandering about at the (rather under construction) Disney's California Adventure, we ran across something that caused a bit of a...geek moment. (Caution, this post is very full of photos.)

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Far too early on Saturday morning, I got up and drove for a relatively traffic-free hour (instead of the feared two hours of gridlock) to arrive for the original reason I made the trip down south. The wedding of my beloved Evil Twin.

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(Okay, it's actually only one podcast, but it sounded better in the plural. You know how it is, yeah?)
I believe that I mentioned that a podcast asked to use one of my poems? Well, it's been posted, and here it is: The Jackass-Penguin Show's Jazzy Selection (episode 7) (warning: it starts playing on load). If you like modern Jazz, you might think about subscribing.

And now back to my holiday snaps. When last we we saw our intrepid travelers, they had arrived at their destination, and were off having fun.

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(We continue our story already in progress...)

After missing breakfast, we headed off into the cow-scented air to get some...breakfast.

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