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And this should be the last of the Holiday Haikus. Emma asked for "bear(s)" so I hope that this works for her. Happy holidays to all and sundry!

Mall Tree is a Tall Tree )
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Here's the next holiday haiku. This one is for my friend JM who asked for "Snow." I hope that this works for her. (I took the photo below when I was on my way through Yosemite to get out the other side. Yep. It was a shortcut.)

I think it's actually Summer where she is. )
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The request for this Haiku was "Chocolate! Or cats." So...I combined them. Hope that it works. Of course, it also comes with a bonus video for a bit more added value/explanation.

warning: Haiku and cat video )
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Okay. Here at last is the Haiku Xmas gift for Labelleizzy, complete with a video of one of my favorite dances. I hope you like it!

we can dance if we want to )
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(I posted this over on LJ, and I totally forgot to post it here. Sorry.)

Ok. I've been trying to think what I could do for my friends over here as a gift for bearing with me this year. Considering my lack of artistic skill, all I could think of was...haiku.

So...if you would like a seasonal gift in the form of a very short poem (not guaranteed to be good, mind you) please leave me a comment with a topic, and I'll see what I can do.

Happy Holidays.

(You can find the first haiku here)


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