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The other day I was listening to the PRI Global Hits podcast, and I ran across this extremely melancholy clarinet solo by a Syrian, currently living in New York, named Kinan Azmeh. The song is called A Sad Morning, Every Morning. He calls it: "A little prayer for home. Dedicated to all those who have fallen in Syria in the past year."

It grabbed me, and I immediately started hunting for it, so that I could listen to the whole thing. It turns out that you can't seem to buy it anywhere (unsurprising, as it was his way of communicating his sorrow, and he had no interest in profiting from the situation.) You can experience the song in this video, though. It's well paired with some haunting animation. might want to have a tissue handy if music gets to you in the way it does me.

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I'm sure that most of you have heard this song already. ...But it's my current song obsession, and it's, to coin a phrase, fucking awesome. So, give it another listen.

Also? It's one of the few videos I've seen lately that I love, so here's the video.

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Speaking of retro music stylings, I would like to introduce you all to The Bombay Royale.

The Bombay Royale is an Australian band that originally planned to take some Bollywood hit songs from the 60s and 70s and breathe funky new life into them. That they did...but then they started writing their own songs. And the result is the album You Me Bullets Love. Their website describes their style thusly:

"The magic and mayhem of vintage Bollywood collides in spectacular fashion with a dizzying blend of Tarantino-esque surf, wild disco, flamboyant theatrics, swirls of kaleidoscopic colour, outrageous costumes and utterly irresistible dance moves that sweep entire crowds off their feet."

...Yeah. That works. But I'd add: Retro-Awesome. Some of their songs are in English, others in Hindi or Bengali. The first track on the album has no words at all. Every song is full of Retro-Awesome. Even better? The band has given everyone a persona, such as The Mysterious Lady and The Railways Mogul.

You know what? I'd better just show you. It's easier than explaining.

Make more sense now? See why I love this band so much, and want them to tour my way already?

Someone figure out how to use this band in a fanwork already.

And, before I leave you, you can listen to the first song on the album here.

Happy Listening!
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Werewolves. They're dead popular. From Teen Wolf to the werewolf AU, they're all over the place in fandom. So...if you were recording a podfic and wanted a bit of werewolf-related music, what would you use?

Well, I have three to offer you, and I hope that some of you have some other suggestions that I can add to the list. Please comment and let me know!

Firstly, we have my favorite: Of Wolf and Man by Metallica

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It has useful werewolf-related lyrics, and good intro music. A nice overall choice for a werewolf podfic that needs a bit of rock music.

Next up is She Wolf (falling to pieces) [feat. Sia] by David Guetta

This one is a bit more of a dance tune (so it shouldn't be too surprising to discover that I first encountered it on Dancing With the Stars.) It has a faster beat than I generally use in a podfic, but then, that's me. And I can't say that I might not use it at some point anyway. It has some excellent lyrics that could be used for all sorts of stories. Give it a listen, and you'll see what I mean.

And finally, I offer you: Shakira - She Wolf

"There's a She Wolf in your closet/let it out so it can breathe."

I'm sure that this song would be useful for any number of fanworks, but someone out there *has* to use this for a Crack!Fic. ...Or at least something comic. I mean, just watch the video. Shakira is obviously having a bit too much fun. Someone please take that joy and do something fun with it.

...And that's all I have. If folks comment with their picks for wolf music, I'll add them on here at the bottom.


How could I forget to mention Werewolves of London? *headdesk* Thanks, [personal profile] aimedatthestars!
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I've been in a retro mood lately, so I'm starting off with Caro Emerald's That Man.

I'm sharing this song, because it's my favorite of her work so far. It's got a bouncy, catchy, swing tune. Frankly, I have trouble sitting still while listening. That was particularly interesting when I first heard her music on the PRI Global Hits podcast. ...I was driving, you see.

If someone were to use this in a fanwork, I'd particularly like to see it used in a fan video showcasing clips of someone. I mean, really, it's pretty much perfect for a montage of awesome.

There you go. A spot of retro-swing from Dutch singer Caro Emerald.

Awesome music is awesome.


Jul. 14th, 2013 09:19 pm
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I may have mentioned in the past how much I love music. I REALLY love music.

One of the ways that I find new music these days is through fanworks. You know, fanmixes, fanvideos, the occasional fic that references music, and, of course, podfic.

I don't think I'm alone in this.

I also know that sometimes it is nigh impossible to find just the right song for your project. I recently spent a month hunting down just the right song for one myself.

So, I'm going to start posting links to awesome music here. Sometimes, just because of its pure awesomeness. Sometimes because I think that someone might just find the right music for a project with a little extra help. I'll be mainly talking to podficcers, as that is my corner of fandom, but let that not discourage all and sundry.

Do you have some awesome music to share? Comment with links!

That's basically it. Awesome music. A spot of commentary.

And here we go...
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…And the song obsession I've has for the last 3 days (I watched the video, then immediately bought the song and I've been listening ever since) is: (I’m the One That’s) Cool by The Guild/Felicia Day. Fair warning for the sensitive (like me): this video shows depictions of bullying (seemingly from the memories of the characters). If this is something you might have trouble with, just listen rather than watch. The song is great. It’s a “Ha! Geeks are cool now!” anthem.

Luckily, I don’t think that anyone saw me rocking out in my cube.

I resemble that remark... )
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You may yet remember that I get obsessed with songs. Well…here is Sunday’s song obsession: Abney Park - Steampunk Revolution. I think I’ve listened to it 100 times already, and I can’t wait for the album to come out.

Why did I get obsessed by this one? Well, 1)I love Abney Park 2)I groove on the Steampunk aesthetic 3)The tune is catchy and I can dance to it (in my room...and possibly in my cube).

And all the steampunk stuff they show is real... )
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And here, at last, is Z (just under the wire.) Zbigniew Preisner - Van Den Budenmayer - Concerto In E Minor (SBI 152) Version 1798 (from the soundtrack of La Double Vie de Veronique.) Simply put, this piece is glorious.

here endeth the meme )
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Almost done! Here's my choice for Y - Weird Al Yankovic - White and Nerdy. The vid is the first take of the White and Nerdy music video. I couldn't resist.

Dance Donny Dance! )
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High School flashback alert! (Well, for when I was in High School anyway.) My choice for X: XTC - King For a Day.

X marks the spot )
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Well, here's my choice for W: White Stripes - Seven Nation Army. What can I say? I just like the song.

Have I ever mentioned that I used to take drum lessons? )
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Okay, with two weeks to go in the year, here is my choice for the letter V. Vienna Teng's Blue Caravan is a melancholy exploration of a self-created reality. It's also beautiful. Give it a listen and see what you think.

oh my blue, blue caravan... )
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Remember how I said I wanted to finish this music thing by the end of the year? Well, here is my Letter U. Urbanized feat. Silvano - Helpless (from the film Jeffrey) was nigh impossible to find the correct version of. Everyone seems to think various remixes are the correct version. Sorry, none of those remixes do it for me. The version I want is the one from my Jeffrey soundtrack. Here it is. If you liked the film Jeffrey, you might enjoy the slideshow on the video. Otherwise, just enjoy the music.

I don't know what to do without you... )
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I promised myself that I'd finish the alphabet in music before the end of the year, so here, at last it "T." Yes. I know. I'm totally cheating by counting the "T" in "The."

I don't care. This is my new music obsession (as of today) and this way I get to share it with you. Win-win, yes?

This is Water to Wine by The Rope, a recent band with a sound that harkens back to when I was in High School. I love it.

This is not the lead singer from the Psychedelic Furs )
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I know, I know. It's been forever since I started this. ...But I got stuck on "S'" and only now have I figured out that my beloved "Symphony of Science" totally starts with S. Now, a word of caution for this video. I know that many people have an issue with the use of Autotune (and in general I agree) and this video uses same. So, if you are one of those you may wish to skip this one. If not, I hope that you enjoy Symphony of Science - A Glorious Dawn:

in which we float, like a mote of dust in the morning sky )
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...And we're back, with The Republic Tigers singing Buildings and Mountains. You can blame my sister for introducing me to this one.

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Full Disclosure: The lead singer of Ocean is Theory is my cousin. So, when I first heard that he had a band, I said to myself, "Fiiiiiine. I'll give it a listen." ...But much to my delight, I thought they were great. Ocean is Theory is a Christian rock band (is the term "Alternative" still in use? 'Cause they sound like good old alt rock to me.) and they recently signed with Razor and Tie (Squee!), first full length album due out this Summer. Obviously, I must celebrate this. Here is the video (shot a couple of years ago now) for More Than Conquerors.

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Napoleon XIV is a big part of my High School music remembrances. (I had a friend who owned the whole album. There are so many good songs on it.) You may have heard of him through Doctor Demento or perhaps from a friend. This is the most famous of his songs. Napoleon XIV - They're Coming to Take me Away Hahaaaaaaa.

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I was all set to post a little something from a group I just discovered, but then it stuck me...Led Zeppelin! Of course! *smacks forehead* I adore Led Zeppelin! (And so does my Evil Twin. This one's for you, Mr. Steed!) And so, I bring you my favorite song from one of my favorite bands of all time. Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song.

And now...with Viking Kittens!


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