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Speaking of retro music stylings, I would like to introduce you all to The Bombay Royale.

The Bombay Royale is an Australian band that originally planned to take some Bollywood hit songs from the 60s and 70s and breathe funky new life into them. That they did...but then they started writing their own songs. And the result is the album You Me Bullets Love. Their website describes their style thusly:

"The magic and mayhem of vintage Bollywood collides in spectacular fashion with a dizzying blend of Tarantino-esque surf, wild disco, flamboyant theatrics, swirls of kaleidoscopic colour, outrageous costumes and utterly irresistible dance moves that sweep entire crowds off their feet."

...Yeah. That works. But I'd add: Retro-Awesome. Some of their songs are in English, others in Hindi or Bengali. The first track on the album has no words at all. Every song is full of Retro-Awesome. Even better? The band has given everyone a persona, such as The Mysterious Lady and The Railways Mogul.

You know what? I'd better just show you. It's easier than explaining.

Make more sense now? See why I love this band so much, and want them to tour my way already?

Someone figure out how to use this band in a fanwork already.

And, before I leave you, you can listen to the first song on the album here.

Happy Listening!
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I've been in a retro mood lately, so I'm starting off with Caro Emerald's That Man.

I'm sharing this song, because it's my favorite of her work so far. It's got a bouncy, catchy, swing tune. Frankly, I have trouble sitting still while listening. That was particularly interesting when I first heard her music on the PRI Global Hits podcast. ...I was driving, you see.

If someone were to use this in a fanwork, I'd particularly like to see it used in a fan video showcasing clips of someone. I mean, really, it's pretty much perfect for a montage of awesome.

There you go. A spot of retro-swing from Dutch singer Caro Emerald.

Awesome music is awesome.


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