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Werewolves. They're dead popular. From Teen Wolf to the werewolf AU, they're all over the place in fandom. So...if you were recording a podfic and wanted a bit of werewolf-related music, what would you use?

Well, I have three to offer you, and I hope that some of you have some other suggestions that I can add to the list. Please comment and let me know!

Firstly, we have my favorite: Of Wolf and Man by Metallica

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It has useful werewolf-related lyrics, and good intro music. A nice overall choice for a werewolf podfic that needs a bit of rock music.

Next up is She Wolf (falling to pieces) [feat. Sia] by David Guetta

This one is a bit more of a dance tune (so it shouldn't be too surprising to discover that I first encountered it on Dancing With the Stars.) It has a faster beat than I generally use in a podfic, but then, that's me. And I can't say that I might not use it at some point anyway. It has some excellent lyrics that could be used for all sorts of stories. Give it a listen, and you'll see what I mean.

And finally, I offer you: Shakira - She Wolf

"There's a She Wolf in your closet/let it out so it can breathe."

I'm sure that this song would be useful for any number of fanworks, but someone out there *has* to use this for a Crack!Fic. ...Or at least something comic. I mean, just watch the video. Shakira is obviously having a bit too much fun. Someone please take that joy and do something fun with it.

...And that's all I have. If folks comment with their picks for wolf music, I'll add them on here at the bottom.


How could I forget to mention Werewolves of London? *headdesk* Thanks, [personal profile] aimedatthestars!


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