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Hello all.

I went down to Burbank this weekend. It was the nearest decent hotel to the memorial service I had to go to.

But that's not what I want to talk about. Nope.

I want to talk about overstimulation, and how it can be funny even as it sucks big dingo kidneys.

Today I drove home from Burbank. It took like 7 hours.

By the time I got home I was vibrating. Literally. You should have seen my hands. 'Oh,' I said to myself. 'I recognize this! I'm overstimulated! Too much sensory input. Right. I'll just take a nap.'

And then the following discussion happened:
My hubby: Are you okay?

Me: Overstimulated.

Him: Really? I thought you'd be tired, not overstimulated.

Me: Not mutually exclusive! I…Ugh…words! *flails hands about* *goes through the door to the bedroom*

But it gets better. The light and the fan were on in the bathroom.

Me: Ugh! Noise! *hits the switches on the wall until the noise stops* Wait! There's still light! No Light! *hits the switches some more*

And then I tried to take a nap with a sleep mask on and a pillow over my head, because there was a party going on outside my window.

I'm thinking I need a Sentinel level room. And maybe someplace else to put the cats when I need a nap. Though, knowing my cats as I do, I'll bet that they are secretly cat Sentinels or something.

But! I did not randomly burst into tears this time, so I'm counting that as a win.
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