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Things that I enjoy
Feel like goofing off, even
When they're for my job


Heated seats in cars
A piece of mobile comfort
Best innovation
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Had dinner with friends
Who joined me in pondering
Hockey on my phone
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Laundry Cat prefers
Fingers for scratching, and purrs
When the typing ends.
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Warm sun. a clean desk.
These quotidian magics
Cannot keep you here.

(April is national poetry month here in the U.S. Any poems that I post this month are by me, unless otherwise stated.)
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Zombie dreams again
Dear Subconscious, I think you
Misspelled Zamboni
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We went to the Computer History Museum again the other day, armed with cameras. This is the entrance (well...the sign for the current exhibit at the entrance).

April is National Poetry Month. I don't promise a poem a day, but at least a few poems will appear...and I'll mix it up with some images that could be seen as poetic. (If you look at them a certain way...) We start with a signpost. Let's see what's inside together, eh?
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And this should be the last of the Holiday Haikus. Emma asked for "bear(s)" so I hope that this works for her. Happy holidays to all and sundry!

Mall Tree is a Tall Tree )
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Here's the next holiday haiku. This one is for my friend JM who asked for "Snow." I hope that this works for her. (I took the photo below when I was on my way through Yosemite to get out the other side. Yep. It was a shortcut.)

I think it's actually Summer where she is. )
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The request for this Haiku was "Chocolate! Or cats." So...I combined them. Hope that it works. Of course, it also comes with a bonus video for a bit more added value/explanation.

warning: Haiku and cat video )
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Okay. Here at last is the Haiku Xmas gift for Labelleizzy, complete with a video of one of my favorite dances. I hope you like it!

we can dance if we want to )
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(I posted this over on LJ, and I totally forgot to post it here. Sorry.)

Ok. I've been trying to think what I could do for my friends over here as a gift for bearing with me this year. Considering my lack of artistic skill, all I could think of was...haiku.

So...if you would like a seasonal gift in the form of a very short poem (not guaranteed to be good, mind you) please leave me a comment with a topic, and I'll see what I can do.

Happy Holidays.

(You can find the first haiku here)


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